Soni Wadi




We all from all our community organizations from Mumbai would like to heartily congratulate and are thankful to the work done towards our community by Honorable - President Dhirubhai Dhakan of “PARAJAYA PATTANI SONI VISHWA FEDERATION -Shri Akhil Bhartiya Soni Gyati Fedration” and all the members of the federation along with SHRI OKHA MANDAL PARAJAYA SONI SAMAJ” and in DWARKA and JAMNAGAR.

Today in Mumbai there are 17 active organizations working towards the cause of the community. We on behalf of all these organizations we welcome the renovation of the community hall and the meet international of federation at Dwarka. Our people residing in different corners of the world would also be awaiting this opportunity of expansion and progress of the community. We all are aware that the events celebrated at Nairobi Pattani Brotherhood are as per today’s necessity and we welcome it. Community at Mumbai has always been complacent for the work undertaken with good faith and thoughts. Members from Mumbai community present at Nairobi at time when the decision was taken to make Akhil Bhartiya Soni Gyati Fedration more active and promising also pledged to complete the task assigned to them. The first meeting was held at the Land of Lord Krishna – Dwarka.

Veteran organizations like Shri Mumbai Upnagar Parajaya Sahakari Society (Borivali)-Soni wadi, Suvarna Charitable Trust (Borivali), Mahajan Seva Trust and Nari Tu Narayani have been providing their services for many years and we are happy about the fact that now there are more than 17 big and small community organizations who have started to contribute to the community. All these committees, associations and organizations have been democratically organized and every one of the community big or small have contributed to the network.

Shri Mumbai Upnagar Parajaya Sahakari Society (Borivali)-Soni wadi, is now more than 45 years old organization which has witnessed happy and sad events over the years. Along with these events it has also helped to get the community under one roof of brotherhood and organized social events like group marriages (Samuh Lagna). Understanding the need and necessity of education for the youngsters the organization has also helped students to achieve their desired goals as the cost of education is equally high these days. The financial aid has not only been restricted to the city of Mumbai but is also given to the needy from rural areas and other parts of the country. The efforts to grant the financial help to the needy and many other activities were started by Late Shri. Ratibhai Devrajbhai Thadeshwar and we are grateful to continue the same till to date. Late Shri. Dayalal Kashiram Bhagat realized this need decades back, visualized and made it a reality for the concept of community hall along with his associates at that time. The effort and hard work done then is now bearing fruits for all of us and we are all grateful to them. Community will never forget huge donations by Shri. Hansrajbhai P. Satikuvar and his family members along with contributions by Late Shri. Natarwal Govindbhai Zaveri  made few years back.

As per the requirements to meet the challenges of growth for our community we needed more funds, after discussing the possibilities the decision was taken to leave for Dubai by committee members and obtain assistance. Within no time the revenue of almost Rs. 80,00,000/- was accumulated. The biggest donation came from Late Shri. Ratibhai Karsanbhai Dhakan, his sons, Shri. Deepubhai, Shri Kishorbhai in Dubai and Shri. Nitinbhai residing at Mumbai did take up the challenge for the mammoth task. In the past huge amounts have been donated by Smt. Madhuben Haribhai Dhakan Education fund but even now the donations were made in large amount by Kanz Jewellers. On a condition not to disclose the name of the donor the amount of Rs. 3,00,000/- was increased to Rs. 4,00,000/- annually which we have always been receiving in the past two years for Education aid (Shikshan Sahay), Financial aid (Aarthik Sahay) and Group marriages (Samuh Lagna utsov).We will never be able to thank him for his affection towards community. Many others contributed towards the cause in Dubai and gave donations willingly. Being inspired at Dubai we also travelled to Bahrain and the experience was unforgettable. Late Shri Babubhai Laxmanbhai  Choksi, from Jetpur has been the leading donor for group marriages (Samuh lagna) and the same is titled by his name, if required this function is organized twice in a year. His sons, Shri Kishorbhai and Shri Chandrakantbhai  have been sympathetic and we do feel them around us all the time whenever required. Donation of Rs. 5,00,000/- received from Devjibhai Bhimjibhai Sagar – Mekhadiwala as educational aid is something that cannot be ever forgetten

Many Many Happy Returns of the day